{Keeping Up With the Jaycees}



Tomorrow's Cary Jaycee Christmas Parade

This year the Cary Jaycees will likely be holding the parade in the rain. With over a hundred entries, thousands of spectators, and a year full of holiday parade preparation, there is no opportunity to reschedule this annual festivity. It takes a community, and large amount of police service to put on the Saturday event. So, a little rain will not dampen the Christmas time spirit! If you are with a group that cannot make it out in the rain we will miss you, and hope to see you next year. Remember to bring your umbrellas, jackets, towels and some holly jolly excitement tomorrow at 2pm.


Rain, Snow or Shine!

The parade will be held on December 14th, as long as there isn't lightning or ice on the roads. We have safety in mind, and want to make it a comfortable parade for everyone. If there is rain we will still hold the parade. Make sure to bring an umbrella and appropriate attire. We have had a rainy parade in the past, and it was still full of holiday joy!

This will be a wonderful, festive time for all of Cary and the surrounding area, so lets be jolly, even if there is a chance of getting a little wet:)


2013 Cary Jaycee Christmas Parade!

Do you hear bells jingling, horns playing and see dancers dancing?

The parade will be in full motion this Saturday! Thanks to Chairperson Charles and his committee members, Kristen, Lisa, Joni, Melissa, and Andy for the hard work so far. We invite the enitre community to come out December 14th to enjoy some holiday spirit!

See you there with bells on!



NCSU Football!

It's time again to enjoy some football and work hard to give the Jaycees a great 2014! We will be working our concession stand again this year, and hope to have an awesome start to the year. Come join us August 31st from 10:30am-3pm at concession stand A. RSVP right away to info@caryjaycees.org to get a spot and a ticket!

We also have a game on Sept. 7th, so if you can't make it in August, there will be another one very soon!



Dinner and a Meeting!

Come out to join us for dinner and a meeting at Tribecca Tavern on 8/21/13. If you have already eaten, not a problem, we have plenty of seats. Please try to RSVP to president@caryjaycees.org if you plan to attend.

Tribeca Tavern is at 500 Ledgestone Way, Cary. We will be talking about the Cary Jaycee Christmas Parade and we will give the Boys and Girls Home Olympics Wrap up. We also get to sign up for our first Carter Finley Concession stand opportunity! So much excitement to discuss!

See you there!