Final Fun in the Sun opportunity of 2011

Join use for an exciting evening of food, drink, and outdoor sports at North Cary Park on August 23rd. The event will start at 6:30pm at the picnic shelter at the lower end of the parking lot
(just above the sand volleyball courts). Opportunities are available for basketball, soccer, and sand volleyball. It is a park, so there is also playground equipment available for those with children.

Members, please bring a dessert to share. RSVP to Joni Klem so we can ensure that there is enough food for everyone. See you there!!


Christmas is upon us...

the Cary Jaycee Parade Committee meeting that is!  We will meet all committee members tonight at the Loop off of Kildaire.  RSVP to Joni.


Bartending 101 is cursed

OK, I'm having to postpone the bartending class once again due to conflicts with the instructor (scheduling, not personal). At this rate, it may or may not be rescheduled. Let me know if you have any feelings one way or the other.


8/9 Meeting and Speaker

We have a wonderful guest that will be joining us for the August 9th meeting at the BNC. Barry Porter, Regional Executive Director for the American Red Cross will be speaking to the Jaycees from 7-7:30pm. After the speaker concludes we will be discussing any open business. The last meeting featuring a speaker was a little light so I'm asking for your support to come out, hear about the Red Cross, catch up on all the board has planned for you and to see your fellow Jaycee members.


Futbol Concessions!??

Yep, that's right, not Football!  We are serving up some community organization power over at Carter Finley tonight.  Adrian has arranged 15 of us to be there to accomodate 25-30,000 soccer fans at the NCSU football homeplace.  This is a great way to feel involved and keep the Jaycees funded.  Thanks to the supporters!